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Jden Trust, a registered charity, was set up to help and support those in need who live within the immediate community of Norfolk. The reason? Very simple. Rather than simply make donations to charities, Snellings wanted to formally find a way of putting something back into the very community which has helped to make the business what it is today. At the heart of the business was Roy’s desire to ensure the long term future of the group for the benefit of its customers, employees and the wider community. He achieved this by establishing a charitable trust which inherited the responsibility of the group.

Today the trust is charged to ensure the group’s growth and prosperity and to use its profits to reinvest in the future; to reward its employees and to help projects in the community. At the heart of the trust are the trustees who have been carefully selected to be of the right calibre and character to fulfil and balance the aims of the trust. As well as holding Christian values, the trustees are required to have integrity, honesty and respect for all. They have to have the vision to invest and develop the business, but at all times this must be balanced to be carried out at a pace and in a manner that does not jeopardise any aspect of the group. It is these values which have guided and will continue to guide this successful business in the future which will not lose sight of its ethos of always treating customers with honesty and respect.


We research on various social issues and analyze its feasibilities, with our dedicated survey team, that have been beyond sight for many but affecting a greater mass.


We always work on the rehabilitation and welfare of the physically/mentally challenged children in terms of good education, healthcare and financial independence.


We conduct various health checkup camps and campaigns in deep rural areas. These are supplemented with extensive awareness programs on various health issues.


We have taken rural & urban sanitation as one of our key issues. We aware and distribute hand sanitizers, toilet disinfectant liquids, vegetable cleaning liquids etc.


We distribute various health related aids including food supplements throughout the year based on our project which directly affects the lifestyle of children and women.

Career Guidance

We always give ample scope and guidance to our volunteers and associates through involvement and execution of various time critical projects which broadens their future.